WATER Coolers

  • Reduce Costs
  • Stop Lifting Bottles
  • Eliminate Spills
  • Regain Your Storage Space
  • Unlimited Supply of Water
  • Quality to the Last Drop
  • No Bottle Handling Issues
  • Peace of mind
  • Independent Testing
  • Reduce Costs - Stop paying the high cost of bottled water and keep your costs fixed  (Top)

    Stop Lifting Bottles - If you want a good workout go to the gym. With an Alliegro system, you will never have to lift those bottles again, or wait for someone to lift them for you.  Eliminate a potential risk of injury since you or your employees not longer have to lift bottles unnecessarily.    (Top)

    Eliminate Spills - Each time you lift the bottles to replenish your water cooler, you run the risk of spilling the water and making a mess.  Now you don’t have to worry about that anymore.     (Top)

    Regain Your Storage Space - Stop storing bottles and use your space for more important things. If your storage space is filled with a bunch of these, get rid of that hassle and replace your cooler with a system from Alliegro Water Systems.   (Top)

    Unlimited Supply of Water - With a system from Alliegro Water Systems, you’ll never run out of water and be stuck waiting around for the water delivery guy. There is always fresh water on tap.  (Top)

    Quality to the Last Drop - The Alliegro system doesn’t use bottles.  Since our coolers are sealed, no contamination can get into the water. You’ll get the best quality and best tasting water everytime you get water from our coolers.  (Top)

    No Bottle Handling Issues -Whenever you move a bottle around or lift it to put it on the cooler you inevitably have to grab the bottle by the neck. Unfortunately the neck is the part of the bottle that comes in contact with the water in the cooler. As a result, all the dirt and bacteria from your hands and the surrounding environment is now in your water.  Alliegro Water Systems eliminates the bottle, so the water cannot get contaminated. (Top)

    Peace of mind - So where does your bottled water come from? Sometimes it says it’s “spring water” but how do you really know the quality of that water? With Alliegro, you’ll always know you’re getting quality with each glass.  (Top)

    Indepenent Testing - Alliegro Water Systems uses products that have been independantly tested by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF).  NSF is a company that ensures the quality of commercial products by testing them against national standards.  Additionally the products have been validated by the Water Quality Association (WQA)  (Top)